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Save Summer Cash

Skip Your Loan Payment

If you would like to get your hands on some extra cash this summer, we're giving you the opportunity to SKIP YOUR JULY OR AUGUST LOAN PAYMENT(s) on qualifying loans* with no penalty and no risk to your credit rating. For a $40 document preparation fee (per loan) you can save money that would normally be applied to your loan payment(s) to use for any other reason! And if you have more than one qualifying loan, you can skip a payment on each!

*All terms and conditions as stated must be met in order to qualify for the Skip-A-Payment service.
Print & Return

Print the application and complete, sign, and return it to us if you would like to apply for the Skip-A-Payment Service. We will contact you if you do not qualify. Please Note: Your loan must be current to qualify.

COMING SOON- Online Banking App

Soon you will be able to use our Online Banking service, and it's never been easier. If your loan qualifies, you will have the option to skip your next payment. Just choose how to pay the $40 preparation fee, and your loan payment will be skipped!

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